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Risk Management & Fraud Prevention

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Solid Payments monitors every transaction on the merchant accounts in its network.
This way, we are able to provide your business with real-time alerts regarding suspicious transactions.
We achieve comprehensive monitoring by collaborating with third party solutions and combining them with proprietary tools we have developed, all targeted at providing real-time fraud prevention alerts.
Solid Payments will assist you in defining a risk profile for your business. Our gateways systems and unique technologies will then enable you to enforce risk rules and checks on all payment processing activities in your merchant accounts. You can be sure that your business is growing in a safe environment.

Our solutions support the most recent innovations from card schemes.
Proactive Risk Management and Real time alerts and monitoring is vital part of our Risk Management methodology.
Over 100 risk rules and unlimited combinations
supported under Solid Payments sophisticated rules engine.
KYC Check – Know Your Customer is crucial part while operating online business , our risk experts guide our merchants with latest updates in the market.
Tokenization allows you to store payment data for later use.
Risk scoring system 

Start managing your risk and preventing fraud today!

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Our Solutions

3D Secure (Verified by Visa and Mastercard SecureCode)
Smart Payment page
IP Verification
Address Verification
SMS Verification
Smart Dynamic Descriptor 
Transaction Behavior
Ticket Size Limitations
MOTO Services – Virtual Terminal


Proactive Risk Management

Solid Payments monitors all the activities in your merchant account, and can contact you with proactive recommendations and alerts regarding declined transactions. We will help you with customer authentication, so that you feel secure in approving transactions in real-time.


Over 100 risk rules and unlimited combinations

The following list is partial list of the available rules:
-Account Validation through known BIN Range
-Anonymous Proxy Check
-Identifies Doublet within Timeframe
-Transaction Amount Restriction (Minimum and Maximum)
-Uniqueness Checks
-Velocity Checks
-External Checks ( ,GateKeeper ,Infoscore ,Kount ,Threat Metrix and more)

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KYC Check – Know Your Customer

Solid Payments offers KYC Check services to several relevant industries. We use the KYC methodology to assist you in verifying ‘Cards Not Presented’ transactions and to avoid related risk. We teach our merchant accounts a due diligence process in accordance with KYC principles, and assist online ventures in conducting KYC checks that enable them to get to know their virtual customers and asses their reliability. These checks are of significant importance, especially for ‘Cards Not Presented’ transactions.



As a PCI level 1 , Solid Payments gateway is allowed to store on behalf of it’s merchants,  customers card details in order to preform  recurring billing or preforming one click payments after the first deposit took place. 
By using Tokenization merchant can increase up to 20% the approved volume by maximizing the card holder deposit experience by keeping it very simple.


Risk scoring system 

Solid Payments risk scoring system allows to combine between many risk rules and score thresholds to  assign the right score per rule and by doing this prioritize  between rules , as not all merchant finds same rules as important as other merchant might find them less relevant for their business.