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    Solid Payments provides a complete suite of payment solutions for internet ventures, e-Commerce websites and businesses in a varied range of industries. Solid Payments will provide you with a SMART merchant account that will enable your business to receive payments from consumers all over the world.

    We work with diverse acquiring banks worldwide and allow our client’s to optimize their card payments/ card acquiring process management. The Solid Payments proprietary technology will integrate your online merchant account with several acquiring banks, enabling your business to manage transactions in a SMART way, increasing your bottom line.

    Online ventures with high volume of activity are offered the SMART Acquiring solution that allows for more than one merchant account, managing transactions in parallel with several banks and routing them according to approval history, transaction costs and other parameters, which are pre-defined by the Solid Payments professional team in accordance with your needs.

    We invite you to share your activity scope and payments process requirements with us, so that our team of professionals will connect you to the most relevant acquiring bank, thus helping your business thrive.

    Our solution incorporates an elaborate fraud prevention system that assist your business in avoiding online fraud. Our SMART acquiring solution allows for safe and secure payments. With just one technology integration, Solid Payments connects your merchant account to a variety of acquiring banks, and supports various and alternative payment solutions.

    Our SMART Acquiring comprehensive solution starts in day one, as we help you with the on boarding process required by the relevant acquiring banks. The technological integration allows for 24/7 customer service, fraud prevention and irregular transactions’ alerts, as well as chargeback transactions handling support.

    The SMART Acquiring platform supports alternative payment solutions in order to maximize your payment solution availability, and is compatible with local electric wallets in various countries.

    Our SMART back office system is available on web and over mobile. Our API is easy to use. Setting up your business with SMART Acquiring solutions form Solid Payments is an intuitive process.

    Solid Payments is more than a credit card processing solution. It is a SMART Acquiring platform. What makes our solution SMART is the combined offer of various acquiring banks and diverse payment solutions support.

    Start SMART Acquiring today!